Window Cleaners in Moseley - Image Courtesy of the Birmingham Mail
Image courtesy of the Birmingham Mail

At Wishbright we take on jobs in all areas, inside and outside of the Midlands but we do have a soft spot for Moseley. They say a picture speaks a thousand words and this one we found on the Birmingham Mail certainly does.

The people, houses, the vibe, the history, everything about it. There’s just something about Moseley we love – but if you’re a moseley resident you’ll know this already.  If you’re searching for window cleaners in Moseley then look no further than Wishbright Cleaning services.

Moseley is one of the smaller towns on the Alcester Road on the way in to Birmingham and day or night there’s something going on. Great pubs, restaurants, farmers markets and some really good events that happen all year round. We have a number of customers in the area so you can often find the Wishbright cleaning van loitering around on both commercial and residential cleaning jobs

Why do we love Moseley?

You only have to look at the houses and buildings. Yes, big houses mean lots of windows to clean but we love the style and pretty much every house or business property is different and this gives Moseley its character. Whilst we love Moseley the question should be why do our Moseley residents love us? When it comes to local window cleaners – we’re the favourites.

Why do our Moseley customers like us so much?

Obviously it’s the quality of the job we do. But it’s also the service, friendliness and professionalism we bring to every job. It might also have something to do with the Thermopure System that we use. It not only leaves a crystal clear finish but also means we never have to leave the ground so we can work better, quicker and safer. Find out more about the Thermopure Window Cleaning System here.

We’re not just window cleaners in Moseley

Whilst we leave windows shining we can also give your guttering a spring clean. With our Skyvac Machine we can leave your gutters just as clear as your windows. Find out more about why guttering maintenance is so important here. (We also offer Wheelie Bin cleaning, if you’re interested?)

If you want to know any more about WishBright cleaning – whether you are in Moseley or not then simply complete the contact form below and we will be in touch. Alternatively you can call us.

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