Wheelie Bin CleaningWheelie bin cleaners near me?

If you’ve been asking this question recently then you have found the answer. At WishBright cleaning we clean just about everything however we can clean a complete street’s bins and you wouldn’t even know we had been there!

We all keep our wheelie bins outside and as such many people don’t ever think about keeping it clean, but why not? You clean your kitchen bin so why, just because it’s outside should you treat it any differently?

Wheelie Bin Cleaning Special Offers

We always have special offers running to ensure we offer great value to our customers however at the moment you can take advantage of the special offers below where you can get cheap wheelie bin cleaning and save money when you refer your neighbours! Why not speak to you neighbours about wheelie bin cleaning and then submit a contact form below; we can quote you a price for the whole street.

Wheelie bin cleaning special offers:

  • Refer a friend and receive 50% off your next clean
  • Refer 2 friends and receive the next clean free,
  • Refer 3 Friends and we offer a life-time discount of 25%.

Senior Citizen  Discount – anyone over 65 gets 30% discount

12 Month Plan – 25% discount for signing up to 12 months wheelie bin cleaning

Why do I need a wheelie bin cleaning service?

Many people ask this, but over time wheelie bins become dirty, collect residues which omit offensive smells and become breeding grounds for bacteria which can lead to them becoming infested with flies and vermin.

Think about the waste you place in here. Since we all started recycling its no longer packaging, its pure food waste. This means that the bacteria and smells that many people find offensive spore faster –  attracting vermin quicker.

Commercial bins require regular cleaning to avoid them becoming a potentially serious health hazard. To maintain high standards of hygiene, your wheelie bins should be cleaned regularly. Our cleaning service will minimise the build up of grime and residues and reduce the risk of pest infestation. Our service offers total value for money as we provide an efficient, professional wheelie bin cleaning service

We currently offer wheelie bin cleaning at £3 per bin – for this small amount there’s really no reason not to. Take a look at our special offers or submit a form and we will contact you

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